Why Whiten Your Teeth?

As your teeth will darken over time, teeth whitening offers new life to your once-pearly-whites. They can darken from the beverages you drink, including coffee, tea, and sodas. Other known factors include childhood illness, medicines, tobacco use, or lack of proper oral hygiene. Helping you achieve a beautiful white smile is a priority for our dentists in Garland!

During the procedure to whiten your teeth, you will need to refrain from dark-colored drinks or time them three or four hours after you have your teeth whitened. On the day of the “Boost,” you will need to wait twenty-four hours before drinking any colored liquids.

To whiten or lighten your teeth, we need to open the enamel pores or canals to allow the teeth whitening solution to enter.

More About Our Approach To Teeth Whitening In Garland, TX

We use the Opalescence Whitening system. It is very easy to use and produces incredible results. There are two parts to this whitening system. First, we start with ten pre-loaded take-home trays called Tres Whites. The patient will be instructed to use one Tre White (top and bottom) daily for 30 minutes for three or four days. Then you will come into the office for your whitening appointment.

This is called the “Boost” appointment. We will then polish your teeth and then apply a barrier over your gums to protect them. Next, we apply the whitening solution (45% strength) to your teeth. The solution will stay for two fifteen-minute intervals, stirring every five minutes. This will “boost” your whitening! The patient will then go home and begin using the remainder of the Tres Whites the next day.

Any part of the whitening process can be repeated at any time to refresh or touch up your smile.

Nothing improves your appearance as much a beautiful white smile.

To schedule your appointment for teeth whitening, please contact our cosmetic dentists in Garland today.