Gum disease (periodontium) refers to the bone, gums, and ligaments that support your teeth. It is your foundation. Signs of a unhealthy periodontium include: red, swollen, bleeding gums, soreness, loose gums, exudate, bad breath you can’t get rid of, loose teeth or a tooth that has moved, or pain when you bite. Any of these can cause instability of your foundation.

The beginning treatment for gum disease or perio is a complete examination and measurement of your bone support. If it is determined you have gum disease, we will recommend a deep scale of the roots of your teeth. This can be done with anesthesia and /or nitrous oxide. We will use an ultrasonic cleaner and hand instruments to accomplish this. A perio scaling is usually one two hour appointment, but can be done in two one hour appointments if the need arises. You will be given a prescription for a mouth rinse, chlorahexadine, to use. This is an antimicrobial rise to help healing and reduce bleeding. After the scaling, another appointment six weeks after will be made to re-check the measurements and review homecare. The patient will then be put on a three month recall for at least a year. This is to make sure we maintain good results. During this time, if some measurements are not healing, we will recommend placing an antibiotic directly into the gum area. This will be a 28-31 day supply of a medicine to the place where it is need most. If, however, we have no resolution with this treatment, we will refer you to a periodontist, a gum specialist.

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